Easy-to-use and secure data exchange across company boundaries

Easy to use, secure, reliable and flexible – these are the key attributes of PROSTEP's OpenDXM GlobalX software for managed file transfer (MFT). It allows you to integrate partners worldwide in your development projects, speed up communication, shorten development cycles and secure your market position with maximum IP protection. The solution makes it possible to exchange of all required data and documents between customers, suppliers and partners – regardless of the data volumes, data sources, systems and formats involved –- and can be used in any department or division for a wide variety of data exchange scenarios.

Functional scope

OpenDXM GlobalX offers a wealth of functions which, thanks to their flexibility and scalability, can easily be combined to create custom solutions that are tailored to meet a customer's specific needs. The following provides you with an overview of the key core functions:

Convenient to use
and secure

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Cloud based
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Functional scope

OpenDXM GlobalX offers a wealth of functions that can easily be combined to create solutions tailored to a customer's individual needs thanks to a flexible licensing model. The following functions are available:

  • SSL-encrypted data transfer, both within a company and via the Internet
  • Automatic encryption of documents and data packages with a key length of up to 4096 bits
  • Finely-tuned rights and role management for targeted data access
  • Integration of an existing ADS/LDAP system for authentication purposes
  • Connectivity to OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers for user authentication
  • Fully integrated, optional two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Maximum security thanks to the personal encryption option
  • Targeted protection of 3D print data thanks to built-in blockchain technology
  • Operations for forwarding, encrypting and sharing data in a flexible manner
  • MS Outlook and Windows Explorer integration for enterprise-wide use
  • Direct access to the data exchange functions from the PLM user interface
  • Automatic check and/or conversion of the CAD data prior to being sent
  • Option for sending the data in ENGDAT format via OFCCP connections
  • Availability of all the new features within the framework of software maintenance
  • Purchase or lease option with 100 user accounts, which can be expanded in packages
  • Transfer Manager for stable data transfer even when dealing with large volumes of data
  • Automatic, audit-trail-capable logging of all actions and processes
  • Problem-free system administration thanks to integrated monitoring functions
  • Resource efficient due to the automatic archiving or deletion of data
  • Search and report functions for targeted searches following transfer operations
  • Configurable backup functions for archiving metadata and user data
  • Shorter wait times thanks to gateways with batch transfer functions
  • Remote FileVault for fast data availability at other locations
Easy to use
  • Simple collaboration thanks to configurable personal and group WebSpaces
  • Structured storage of the data and documents to be exchanged in WebSpaces
  • Templates for quickly creating internal and external user accounts
  • Individually configurable email notification functions
  • Process engine for automating complex postprocessing functions
  • Analysis of KPIs for the purpose of assessing system use and efficiency
  • Easy-to-use Customizing Client for performing complex system adaptations
  • Less time and effort required thanks to the import of user data, roles and rights
  • Fully-automated data exchange operations performed by data transfer robots

Flexible license model and Cloud Service offering

OpenDXM GlobalX offers the appropriate license model to meet your particular needs. You can purchase the software, lease it or even use it as an SaaS solution with up to 10 users free of charge. All the options ensure that you retain full control of your data, regardless of whether you use the software as an on-premise or SaaS solution.

The free of charge version of the OpenDXM GlobalX Cloud Service provide the most important functions and can be used by up to 10 users.

If you purchase or lease OpenDXM GlobalX, you can use all the key functions as well as a number of other useful functions.

The Cloud Service offering enables you to use OpenDXM GlobalX in a multi-tenant, private or hybrid cloud environment with a certified cloud provider.

Comprehensive premium options for tasks such as ERP/PLM integration and automating data transfer are also available at an extra charge.

Use for free
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FunctionsFree of chargeLicense buyLicense rentCloud Service
Number of users 10 max. 25 incl. 25 incl. 25 incl.
Multilingual user interface
Customer-specific branding
Certified application security thanks to penetration testing
SSL-encrypted data transfer
Data encryption with real end-to-end encryption
Transfer Manager for stable data communication
Structured document storage
File operations
Management of personal WebSpaces
Management of group WebSpaces
Rights and role management
Access authorization with confirmation of compliance
Password-protected user access with password aging
Configurable password policy *1)
Integrated release workflows *2)
Automatic logging
Automatic report generation *2)
Templates for user accounts
E-mail notification functions
Process engine for postprocessing
System monitoring functions
Time-controlled maintenance functions
Search functions
Analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs)    
ADS/LDAP authentication *2)
Data backup functions *2)
Customizing Client    
Personal encryption *2)
Microsoft Outlook integration
Microsoft Windows Explorer integration
Software maintenance additional costs
Installation, setup, update and hotline support additional costs additional costs
Premium options (subject to an extra charge)              
Additional user accounts
Additional storage space
Importing user data
Gateway with batch transfer    
Remote FileVault
Data transfer robot
PDM integration *1)
CAD data conversion and data check *1)
OFTP/ENGDAT support *1)

*1) only in conjunction with private cloud instance
*2) optional