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Robust mass data transfer offering the best possible performance

Interruption-resistant transfer

A special transfer protocol guarantees the robust data transfer of large volumes of data involving tens or hundreds of gigabytes, even in the case of instable Internet connections. The data is transferred in blocks, so that transfer operations that have been interrupted can be resumed at the same position at which they were interrupted.

Parallel transfer via multiple channels

The parallel transfer of data via multiple channels using multi-thread technology ensures that large amounts of data comprising several gigabytes can be transferred over long distances much faster than with conventional data exchange solutions.

Transfer Manager

The transfer operations are controlled and monitored using the clearly-structured user interface provided by the Transfer Manager. It allows block size, number of transfer threads, etc. to be specified and thus ensures extremely stable and high-performance data transfer.

Automated data transfer

The transfer of data between the portal and the local file server at the user's location can be automated with the help of an OpenDXM GlobalX GateWay. The data is transferred to and from the portal in batch mode, eliminating the need for users to wait for uploads and downloads. Data exchange robots allow data exchange operations with exchange partners or between different company sites to be fully automated.

Integrated system monitoring

The integrated monitoring functions inform the administrator of which keys are about to expire, which storage quotas have been exhausted, etc., thus ensuring smooth operation.

Template-assisted administration

Templates make it easier for the system administrator to create internal and external user accounts and assign them to specific groups as well as allocate permission sets.

Configurable WebSpaces

The WebSpaces belonging to users and user groups can be managed and configured individually. This not only facilitates the targeted transfer of data to certain individuals but also collaboration between project teams involved in joints development projects.

Fast on-boarding for external users

The on-boarding process for external users is very simple and can be completed with just a few mouse clicks using templates that have been defined for different user groups and which can be used to automatically assign permissions, periods of password validity, group memberships, memory usage, etc.