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Flexible software architecture and guideline-compliant exchange processes

Integration in the IT infrastructure

OpenDXM GlobalX can be integrated seamlessly in existing business processes and enterprise applications. Ready-to-use integration components are available for numerous PLM, ERP and Office systems. Web services make it possible to also quickly integrate other systems.

Integration of existing user management systems

A company's existing user management system, such as LDAP/ADS for example, can be used to manage user accounts and for authentication purposes as a standard function for OpenDXM GlobalX. This means that on- and off-boarding processes are automated and can be managed in a time efficient manner.

SSO support

OpenDXM GlobalX's open software architecture and maintained interfaces that ensure cross-version stability also make it possible to integrate identity and access management (IAM) systems in order to implement single sign-on processes.

Flexible extensibility

An integration service API makes OpenDXM GlobalX's flexible plug-in concept possible. The documented web service interface can be used to connect to any back-end system in order to implement customer-specific business processes.

Decentralized data provision

OpenDXM GlobalX's Remote FileVault concept enables local data provision and collaboration with local data exchange partners together with centralized administration and logging. This functionality ensures extremely efficient data management in collaboration processes and makes data available much faster.

Automatic logging

OpenDXM GlobalX stores every user action and every process in the database in an audit-proof manner so that they can be traced at any time by any user or administrator. This ensures a high level of transparency and makes it possible to perform a wide range of different searches over any period of time. The searches can be fully automated if required and can be made available as reports.

Satisfying compliance requirements

The audit-trail-capable logging of all user actions and processes makes it easier to provide proof of compliance with statutory and company-specific requirements. OpenDXM GlobalX's Outlook integration component allows compliance with these requirements to be made binding for all the users within a company when sending data via email. Based on company guidelines, the administrator can for example store a freely configurable set of rules in OpenDXM GlobalX which prevent certain documents from being sent by e-mail. The data is then made available in encrypted form via OpenDXM GlobalX without any user intervention.

GDPR compliant

OpenDXM GlobalX ensures that work is performed in line with the GDPR and with the highest possible level of data security and enables the compliant handing of personal data. If necessary, personal data processed in OpenDXM GlobalX can be anonymized in conformity with the GDPR. All other relevant information pertaining to the data exchange is retained, ensuring audit-compliant documentation.