OpenDXM GlobalX Supports Blockchain Technology

Globally distributed component production based on additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing critically depends on the assurance that key data reaches the authorized service provider in an unaltered and unfalsifiable format, as well as in the licensed quantity. This is only possible with a high-security end-to-end connection that extends from the customer all the way to the 3D printer at the service provider.

But production data is not the only information that needs to be exchanged in a tamper-proof and legally compliant manner: The same applies to order data. Blockchain technology is utilized to implement the level of transaction security required for these so-called smart contracts. 

In order to allow for the secure transfer of production and order data from the customer to the service provider with OpenDXM GlobalX in a tamper-proof manner, OpenDXM GlobalX supports blockchain technology.  This enables secure, reliable, manufacturer and platform independent industrial communication and contributes significantly to the success of Industry 4.0.

The encryption of useful data built into OpenDXM GlobalX in combination with blockchain technology ensures that production data can be transferred from the customer directly to the manufacturing facility in accordance with the contract. At the same time, this greatly upgrades protection against product piracy. After printing, the solution enables an unchangeable documentation of the manufacturing process data in the block chain as well as the traceability of the printed components.

The OpenDXM GlobalX block chain integration can also be used for many other application cases such as the transfer of software code.
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