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Easy operation and administration with maximum security

Easy operation using web browsers

OpenDXM GlobalX can be used with all of the most common web browsers and requires no special training thanks its intuitive web interface. This means that no client software has to be installed on users' computers, thus minimizing operating costs and the need for support. This allows it to be used both as a desktop application and on mobile devices.

Outlook integration

The Outlook integration makes it possible to send and receive files with confidential contents, such as e-mails, and involving tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data. Attachments greater than a definable size, of a certain type or intended for certain recipients are automatically encrypted and made available to the recipient in the OpenDXM GlobalX portal. Once received, they are displayed in encrypted form in Outlook for downloading.

Windows Explorer and "Send to" integration

Thanks to OpenDXM GlobalX's Windows Explorer integration, users who are used to navigating with Windows Explorer can exchange data easily via drag-and-drop. You also see incoming data in your familiar folder structure and can download it from the portal with a single click. You can also use the "Send to" function to send any amount of data in encrypted and traceable form by simply entering an e-mail address.

Controlled data access

Access to the data is controlled by a comprehensive role and permissions management system. Before the data is accessed, the system checks the identity of the recipient using the user ID, password, and assigned permissions set. If necessary, two-factor authentication can be used. The administrators cannot view the users' data.

Powerful data encryption

All data is encrypted with an individually generated key using hybrid encryption with a key length of up to 4,096 bits, both during storage and transfer. This enables true end-to-end, user-to-user encryption for highly sensitive data. The data is decrypted at the user's workstation, but only if the user possesses the required personal key.

Encrypted connection

Data transfer, both within a company, e.g. using a Windows/Outlook Integration, and via the Internet is always performed using an HTTPS connection with 256-bit encryption. If an attempt should nevertheless be made steal data by means of a "man-in-the-middle attack“, the invader cannot make use of the data due to the fact that the data itself is highly  encrypted.

PATRIOT Act security

The data made available via OpenDXM GlobalX resides in encrypted form in the FileVaults located at any site worldwide. This data is worthless without the keys, which are managed in the central OpenDXM GlobalX server. This server can be located in a country of your choice, for example in a country whose laws do not allow the keys to be handed over to government agencies.