Integrated two-factor authentication - OpenDXM GlobalX is available

The planned patch version of the OpenDXM GlobalX is available for download and offers a fully integrated two-factor authentication (2FA) solution

The most important feature of the new version is the now fully integrated two-factor authentication (2FA). By means of an appropriate classification, users can now only log in to the OpenDXM GlobalX web interface by entering a second factor.

The second factor is a time-based soft token (TOTP) that can be generated on any device. Various freely available apps (e.g., the authenticator apps from Google, Sophos, Microsoft and others) are available for this purpose.

When the user accesses the system for the first time, OpenDXM GlobalX generates a QR code that must be read and confirmed in the corresponding app.

This means that another method for authenticating users is now available in OpenDXM GlobalX. The already established methods of local authentication, authentication against LDAP/AD or an OpenID Connect Provider (OIDC) can be used in parallel. In this way, it is still possible to offer users the procedure that best suits them, while at the same time ensuring the necessary security when accessing their data.

In the new version, the Integration Service API has been extended with additional options. In particular, appropriate methods are now available for managing users and groups, as well as for setting authorization objects.

Performance improvements have been achieved for accessing PostgreSQL databases for large data volumes.

If you are interested in the new version as part of your software maintenance contract, please contact our colleagues in Product Support ( They will be happy to provide you with download permissions for the corresponding installation packages.