Planned patch version is available

The first patch version of OpenDXM GlobalX version 9.2 is available. It contains mainly new features in the area of adhoc creation of user accounts. For the use of OpenDXM GlobalX in secured 3D printing scenarios further features have been implemented and the performance at login has been improved. In addition, several bugs have been fixed.

The planned patch version is now available for download a good three months after the release of OpenDXM GlobalX 9.2. This version contains not only bug fixes, but also new and additional features. 

The conditions for the recognition of valid e-mail addresses have now been improved for the adhoc user account creation. This minimizes possible sources of errors when using the adhoc creation in the new web GUI. The more strictly formulated rules increase the quality of the entered e-mail addresses. Furthermore, the adhoc user creation has been extended by the definition of a blacklist. This allows entire e-mail domains or even individual e-mail addresses to be excluded from the adhoc creation process.

Simplifications have been made for various administration scenarios. For example, multiple WebSpaces with identical names can now be assigned and the filter criteria for file sizes are now displayed in MB by default.

OpenDXM GlobalX has been extended in the past to perform secured printing of 3D data. In doing so, OpenDXM GlobalX addresses 3D printers and secures the released license count of print operations via the blockchain. Enhancements have been built into the application for these procedures.

If you are interested in the new version as part of your software maintenance contract, please contact our colleagues in Product Support ( They will be happy to grant you download permissions for the corresponding installation packages.