Integrated two-factor authentication - OpenDXM GlobalX is available

The planned patch version of the OpenDXM GlobalX is available for download and offers a fully integrated two-factor authentication (2FA)...

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Adient Aerospace uses OpenDXM GlobalX from the cloud

Cloud-based applications can be used out of the box without high initial investments. This is especially interesting for start-ups or newly founded...

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Planned patch version is available

The first patch version of OpenDXM GlobalX version 9.2 is available. It contains mainly new features in the area of adhoc creation of user accounts....

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Convenient and secure data exchange from SAP ECTR

Integrating data exchange into the users' working environment is the best way to ensure that they comply with data security and know-how protection...

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OpenDXM GlobalX offers new functions for CAD analysis

When exchanging CAD data, it is important to ensure the transfer of complete and valid assemblies, which might possibly be used for downstream...

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