Functional scope

OpenDXM GlobalX offers a wealth of functions that can easily be combined to create solutions tailored to a customer's individual needs thanks to a flexible licensing model. The following functions are available:


  • SSL-encrypted data transfer, both within a company and via the Internet
  • Automatic encryption of documents and data packages with a key length of up to 4096 bits
  • Finely-tuned rights and role management for targeted data access
  • Integration of an existing ADS/LDAP system for authentication purposes
  • Connectivity to OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers for user authentication
  • Fully integrated, optional two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Maximum security thanks to the personal encryption option
  • Targeted protection of 3D print data thanks to built-in blockchain technology


  • Operations for forwarding, encrypting and sharing data in a flexible manner
  • MS Outlook and Windows Explorer integration for enterprise-wide use
  • Direct access to the data exchange functions from the PLM user interface
  • Automatic check and/or conversion of the CAD data prior to being sent
  • Option for sending the data in ENGDAT format via OFCCP connections
  • Availability of all the new features within the framework of software maintenance
  • Purchase or lease option with 100 user accounts, which can be expanded in packages


  • Transfer Manager for stable data transfer even when dealing with large volumes of data
  • Automatic, audit-trail-capable logging of all actions and processes
  • Problem-free system administration thanks to integrated monitoring functions
  • Resource efficient due to the automatic archiving or deletion of data
  • Search and report functions for targeted searches following transfer operations
  • Configurable backup functions for archiving metadata and user data
  • Shorter wait times thanks to gateways with batch transfer functions
  • Remote FileVault for fast data availability at other locations

Easy to use

  • Simple collaboration thanks to configurable personal and group WebSpaces
  • Structured storage of the data and documents to be exchanged in WebSpaces
  • Templates for quickly creating internal and external user accounts
  • Individually configurable email notification functions
  • Process engine for automating complex postprocessing functions
  • Analysis of KPIs for the purpose of assessing system use and efficiency
  • Easy-to-use Customizing Client for performing complex system adaptations
  • Less time and effort required thanks to the import of user data, roles and rights
  • Fully-automated data exchange operations performed by data transfer robots

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